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Originally Posted by Otis11 View Post
Curious to hear another review after you’ve lived with the C a couple of months?

I’m considering one, as I love small Froggys, but I also do a lot of flat picking and strumming, and I feel like the C is a great bet for some acoustic jazz/blues that I enjoy playing.

Also, how do you like it in the mahogany? I had a Froggy P14 in that wood and loved it, but I’ve also always fancied myself a “rosewood guy,” and I’m really tempted to find one in a rosewood. Will it be too deep/bassy? (If that’s even possible???)

And lastly, how does the hog compare to your walnut froggys? I’ve always loved the look of walnut, and they’re just more unique, but I wonder how the tone would compare in a froggy.

Hi Otis - I’ve had this guitar for 2 months now and I keep it on a stand in my living room, so it gets played every day. I love this guitar. I’m still surprised with the power and depth that comes out of the small box. I’d say it plays like a big guitar, but that’s not true. There is no mistaking this is a compact comfy instrument. But the sound that comes out is big, deep, rich, balanced and powerful. It’s difficult to compare to my walnut K and H12 because the form of each guitar is so different. While trying to isolate the impact of mahogany over walnut is difficult because of the body differences, I would say the C is more punchy, direct and produces less overtones. Having said that, it has a rich deep tone, balanced minds and thick trebles and provides a nice overtone profile. I can play it with fingers or it plays easily with a pick with plenty of headroom. I wondered if buying the C would move the H12 out of my rotation, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I like them both and have room for both, so they will stay for now.

I will add that I’ve been looking for a 00 that suits me for a while and after moving through several excellent guitars made by other builders, this C seems to deliver exactly what I’m looking for.

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