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Originally Posted by jolli View Post
Thank you

Originally Posted by handers View Post
I wonder if you can say anything about how the voice differ on C-12 compared to H-12? I've forgotten the woods on the H12. They are quite close in size though differ in plantilla. I'd be interested to know ow they differ for you. Congrats on your family of Froggys which give you the opportunity to learn about each guitar by comparison with others.

Its difficult to fairly compare my brand new C (Mahogany/Adi) to my broken in 4 year old H-12 (Walnut/Adi). The H-12 top and lower bouts as well as the body length are all 1 larger and I think this makes a difference in power. My immediate impression is that the H-12 is a little more powerful and has more rumble in its voice. Having said that, there is no shortage of power and depth in the C, but it plays a bit smaller. I had contemplated selling my H-12 if my K and new C overlapped the middle ground where the H-12 plays. Time will tell, but it would be very difficult to give up the H-12.
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