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Originally Posted by handers View Post
Congrats on your new lovely Froggy. Smaller body and mahog with adi on top must sound really focussed and rich. As it grows up, it will gain likely coherence and responsiveness. I have never played a model C and I would love to. It would be so interesting to compare the models H-12, M-12 and C-12 in identical woods to get some sense of the effect of body dimensions. It seems to me the body volume is similar but the shape (plantilla) and depths are different. Bracing might be quite different too. Maybe one day I'll buy a lottery ticket and that ship will come home - I'll commission 3 guitars from Michael to run that experiment. Enjoy and report back how it compares to your other Froggy, a K right?

After a week of hard play I have a good feel for this Froggy. It is very focused and warm indeed. I’m anticipating that initial breaking in will be relatively short compared to my K, which took almost a year to soften (as Michael predicted.) I do have an H-12 too, but that guitar seemed “broken in” right out of the box. The K and H-12 are both Adi/Walnut, so not a perfect comparison to the C as far as woods go. I am simply amazed how much power & tone comes from this small box. As you say, it will take time to get a better sense about how this one compares to the others. But having played this guitar for over a week now, I have a good sense it is superb. The tone perhaps resembles the H-12 more than the K, but it certainly has its own personality. It has incredible depth, balance, clarity and power; and it is extremely comfortable with a compact 14-inch lower bout. Thanks.

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