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Congrats on your new lovely Froggy. Smaller body and mahog with adi on top must sound really focussed and rich. As it grows up, it will gain likely coherence and responsiveness. I have never played a model C and I would love to. It would be so interesting to compare the models H-12, M-12 and C-12 in identical woods to get some sense of the effect of body dimensions. It seems to me the body volume is similar but the shape (plantilla) and depths are different. Bracing might be quite different too. Maybe one day I'll buy a lottery ticket and that ship will come home - I'll commission 3 guitars from Michael to run that experiment. Enjoy and report back how it compares to your other Froggy, a K right?

1971 Papazian (swiss spruce/braz RW)
1987 Lowden L32p (sitka/ind RW)
1992 Froggy Bottom F (19th cent. german spruce/koa)
2000 Froggy Bottom H12c (adir/ind RW)
2016 Froggy Bottom K mod (adir/madrose; my son's)
2010 Voyage-Air VAOM-2C (recorded on Froggy H12c)
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