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Originally Posted by rwmct View Post
To a point. I am a bit confounded that Martin is building guitars that are shading into Gibson territory and both are building guitars to appeal to Taylor fans. I like Martins to be Martins and Gibsons to be Gibsons and Guilds to be Guilds. (Taylor is less on my radar screen).

That is one reason I like Rickenbacker. There is no confusion as to what they are. They are their own thing.
Somehow I don't imagine very many (if any) are actually "confused" as to , "what they are" when buying a Taylor, Gibson, Martin, Fender, PRS, Rickenbacker or any other brand.

To each their own..... Personally I can't think of a better thing for both the guitar consuming public, and the companies themselves , than aggressive competition within given design characteristic areas, nore a worse thing for everybody, than monopolistic exclusivity.
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