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This actually arrived three weeks ago. Haven't posted until know, because I've been busy trying to play it a little and dealing with life a lot. Here is a quick review.

This is an awesome instrument. The sound is HUGE!. When just playing six strings it sounds like there is a healthy amount of reverb on the instrument... very lively. Sweet tone from the Acacia wood -- crisp, clean, and lively.

Very nice fit and finish on this instrument as well. It feels and plays like a $5,000 instrument. Intonation on the six string neck is among the very best I have ever played.... far better than most -- it is simply dead on. The arm bevel is nice. This is a comfortable instrument to play. The inside is clean... Excellent workmanship is evident.

Coming from six strings to a harp guitar is a bit tougher than I thought it would be. There is a very wide range range of places for the thumb to be. I'll get the hang of it (at least somewhat), but it'll take some effort.

In a nutshell, I am very happy with my choice. I got my from Chuck Thompson and he was great to deal with. Thank you to Greg and the harp guitar community for making such a wonderful instrument available to us.
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