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Originally Posted by Neal View Post
Brad, when you do the nut and bridge, are the strings the same height to facilitate bottleneck playing? How much will this one be, or is it for a commission in progress?

Beautiful work.
Hi Neal,

I am not sure I understand your question.

I set this guitar up as any "standard" guitar. Right now the strings are approx. 6/64"-5/64" at the 12th fret.-it could go a little lower.

The nut is set as if it was a fret higher than the fist fret.

On a slide (Hawaiian) guitar the nut is very much higher so the slide won't hit the frets-so you can't play it like a regular guitar.

It is not a commission and will be for sale-you can email me if you are interested in it ( not sure of the policy on this forum with regard to posting prices, as i am new here.). I usually sell them when I finish the next one,so I have something to show customers. There is one for sale on ebay right now.
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