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Originally Posted by highvibrational View Post
Thank you for your thoughts. Have you had guitar teachers or have you learned online?
For the first 30 years as a guitarist I was a pretty decent singer.

Like you, The Beatles were a big influence on me and I really wanted to learn to be a songwriter more than anything else so I started to write songs before I could strum more than 3 chords on the guitar. I became a pretty decent writer with a Beatles music songbook providing valuable lessons on chord structure and melody composition. I was a trained vocalist so I could give a fair enough presentation of my songs with just simple strumming accompaniment.

As time went by my musical interests expanded, and I started to explore different genres. While attending a music festival about 15 years ago I met blues guitarist Roy Bookbinder. He was teaching an open class on beginning finger style blues which I happened to sit in on. I loved the class and what I'd learned in a couple of hours, and Roy suggested that I purchase his video on beginning finger style blues which continued what he had been teaching at the festival. I purchased that video and really applied myself to becoming a competent fingerpicker, continued with his other videos and finally took an advanced in-person class with Roy at Fur Peace Ranch. Having enjoyed that experience I went on to take classes with Jorma Kaukonen, Chris Smither, Mary Flower, and others; picking up valuable playing techniques and insights from all of them.

Today I improve my playing skills mostly by utilizing youtube instruction videos from various teachers/sources. At this point in my life I've become a lot more interested in becoming the best guitarist that I can be, giving it at least equal time with my continued pursuit of songwriting.

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