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Default Progress for singing/songwriting on the guitar

Hi all,
For four years now, I've been focusing on covering a lot of songs and writing some of my own. I feel like my performing skills have reached a good level, yet I feel that my guitar skills are still rudimentary. The following has been my approach to becoming a self-styled singer/songwriter/guitarist. My inspirations are the Beatles and James Taylor, to name a few. I'd like to hear any thoughts about what I should incorporate into my guitar practice.

-maintenance of cover songs that I know, learning new cover songs
-performing regularly for the public 4-5x/week
-writing my own songs
-learning new chords and progressions
-new strum patterns, fingerpicking patterns, flatpicking
-theory like circle of fifths to navigate fretboard
-improvisation (no matter how weird)
-experimenting with an electronic keyboard

I'm really interested in busting things open and finding my own unique approach to guitar. I welcome any thoughts. Thank you!
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