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Originally Posted by Brucebubs View Post
Apparently I didn't make it clear when I wrote 'Guitar on left is a stock photo of an early build - mine is on the right.'

These were a limited build.
I own the last one made.
#71 of 71
I did not post pictures of the same guitar.
Same model .. yes.
Same guitar .. no.
The picture on the left is a 'stock' picture of a JDP II I took from the interweb.
Someone else's.
Not mine.

Mine is on the right.... picture taken after I treated the fingerboard and bridge with Music Nomad F-One Oil last week.

Big difference?
Your initial post was quite clear. Wow what a difference . . .

On 'aging toner' don't like it, or the idea. My two Martin Standards are now 10 years old (ish) and I love the darkening of the Sitka - as natural as you can get considering it's covered with nitro cell.
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