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Default 2015 Taylor 912e w/ Bevel [SOLD]

Greetings AGF. So here is a beautiful 2015 Taylor 912e that I just received from Mike as the result of a trade for my RTaylor that was posted last month. Mike and I did this trade even though neither of us were trying to add another guitar. So I have played it a few times to try to justify keeping it but between my old 714ce and this, I am more likely to pick up the larger guitar. So this one is being offered as a second chance for those who might have been considering it last month. I have included Mike's original thread below because he is much more skilled at displaying his guitars than I am. I'm asking $SOLD for this stellar guitar. I am also listing it locally in Florida and it has gone up on Reverb as well. Local and Reverb price is $SOLD. AGF members still get a preferred price. But if there is no activity here, I might as well send it to Ted at LA Guitar Sales - he might generate more interest.
Thanks for looking.

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