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Originally Posted by charles Tauber View Post
If the target distance is, say, .005"
A few questions if you don't mind sharing:
* Do you believe that all the strings 1st to 6th should have a target of .005 to .007 above the first fret?
Or should the bottom Base Strings(6,5 & 4th) be slightly More?
This area is slightly confusing as if I were to measure the fret height( say .040) then I would place feeling gauges on my fret board to .046 or .048.
Where I get confused is with the bass strings. It seems that the bottom of the bass strings are a bit higher above the fret board? Have not done any intensive measuring as of yet. But I can not seem to find exacting answers on this particular question.
** What kind of glue do you use for the nut? One source recommends a water downed Titebond original. 50/50 formula of water to glue.
*** Do you glue both surfaces of the nut? Bottom and side?
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