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Originally Posted by J-Doug View Post
....Plus I don't feel like lugging a trunk load of gear across town for $100. Someone else can do it now.....
Ditto! I have performed in coffeehouses, at festivals, and for corporate events. But I grew weary of the load-in, load-out, and storing the gear afterward. The 90-120 minutes spent performing was wonderful, but the "overhead" associated with booking the gig and all the related work was simply not worth it. On the plus side, my playing got nicely honed while prepping for these events, with an hour or more of daily practice leading up to each one.

My playing was solely in the living room at home for many years. Eventually after seeing many coffee house performances, the conclusion was that I could do at least that well, so got started. But I'm over it now. These days I do acoustic-only jams (no amps or PA) and have become fairly picky about which ones of those are worth the time. I always ask, "Self - will you have more fun practicing your songs at home by yourself, or going to the jam?" Often the best answer is "stay home". If there were access to better players at these jams I might attend more regularly. But groups of people who cannot HEAR (it's amazing how many truly deaf players are out there), cannot count to four, don't tune, or hide behind a music stand is getting kinda old. I could get involved in some local bands, but I already have a job.
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