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Originally Posted by redir View Post
I never could use feeler gauges. I find them cumbersome and awkward and I feel that for all the accuracy of the gauges themselves human factors renders that accuracy mute... Or at least for this human factor anyway... I use a pencil cut in half that is used as a straight edge across the first several frets to mark a line on the nut at fret height. I find that the line works real well to very quickly get the fret slots to a point where they then need delicate and delibrate file strokes to go slightly below the line till every thing is perfect.
I've tried a bunch of things including the half-pencil trick: that was the way I was initially taught. It works ok but, as you said is for roughing the slots: they still need fine tuning. I tried pin gauges but found them too stiff to conform to fretboard contours, the lack of which introduced errors. I find stacked feeler gauges easy to use and control. Lots of possible methods.

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