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Originally Posted by maxtheaxe View Post
I also got one of those 'Safe Slot' tools and it really does simplify the process of getting the slots to the correct height. The only caveat here is that they're not so straightforward working with a guitar that has a headstock "volute". I think the solution to that is to use the feeler gauges with heavy rubber bands or a hair 'scrunchie', being careful not to over-or-under-tension the gauges such that they don't sit perfectly flat on the fingerboard.

I see from the picture that you're slotting a 12-string're a brave soul, sir! I did the one on my Yamaha LL16-12 and it took me four tries to get the string spacing right! It was worth it, though.
No, No, No...I am not that brave yet!..LOL...That is just a stock picture I took from a Safe Slot video.
Good information about "Headstock volute." Luckily my Larrivee's are void of that.
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