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Originally Posted by AuntieDiluvian View Post
What state charges tax on used items?
Many, if not most actually. It has to do with the "business" status of the seller. That's why the once a year garage sale is exempt from tax but that guy selling on eBay really isn't (again, depending upon the State). Here it's clear that this is a retail location so yes, tax. That being said there should be NO commission charges on the tax as that's not part of the sale itself. That's just "extra" money that is required to be sent to the State. ALL of it so yes, that part was clearly a ripoff.

I also agree with ToneGopher's post here (#12) in that if they won't fix this for you then you need to report them. Eithger way I'd post a review somewhere to warn others of this practice and the fact that they didn't notify you of the sale for months(?!).
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