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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
I'm not sure what "multi track DAWS" have to do with it. Aux tracks aren't a new thing. I'd be very surprised if you can't create an aux track in your DAW.
The old Audition Barry seems to have isn't really a "DAW". it's a file editor, and as best I recall, had none of this. It was a pure, simple destructive audio file editor where you do everything directly on the single track it supports. Quite useful for what it did. It's probably time to upgrade :-) Even Reaper would be a big step up. I assume Audacity supports sends and busses as well, but I've never used it.

I was just making a video demo to show Barry how to set this up, but now that I know he's got an ancient version, it's less useful. But I'll post it shortly, in case it clarifies what everyone is talking about. The issue I always see with online demos is that they're too complicated and don't focus on solo guitar like Barry is doing.
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