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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
I think I might poke my eye out...

For now I'll use the keep it simple method of recording and eq'ing, but I'll read up on this, thanks.
Here is the rub in order to include some "Next step" mixing in your productions. You are going to have to take some basic next steps. And as people have mentioned these next steps, only appear complex, but really aren't

First what I an others have been suggesting is generically called a
"parallel reverb" effect ... basically means setting the reverb up on a separate
track/channel from the actual audio track with the instrument (like your guitar track) ...Different Daws have different names (Aux track , Bus track etc.) but they all do the same thing

I do not use Audacity or Audition BUT if as per Doug you can set up a send to another track with the reverb on it, then you can set up an EQ as well and roll of the lows and perhaps slightly dip the mids if you wish

I believe the only way to do it in Audacity, is to duplicate the audio track put the plug ins on that duplicate track , then lower the dup tracks level to get the amount of effect you want blended with the unprocessed original track going to the main outs.

Barry you appear to be very interested in moving forward in both your recording and mixing, which is really and admirable trait and goal.
If I were in your shoes , I would seriously consider moving on to a more full feature DAW. Because in the long run it will in fact make where you appear to want to journey less complicated. Just something to consider .
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