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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
I have no clue what you mean. I use Rx 7 Elements, Audacity and Audition to do post eq. Plugin effects are applied to the track directly. I don't use multi track daws and wouldn't know where to begin, but thanks.
You can do what people are suggesting in Audition. Just switch to a MultiTrack session, and there is a "send" button in the upper left corner of the track area. For things like reverb, delay and others, you can "send" the signal to a "bus" (just another channel, really), where you place the reverb. There are lots of ways to handle effects, but this approach is a technique worth figuring out. You can do all kinds of things on a bus before and after a reverb (for example) that you can't do if you apply it directly to a track. For example, EQ before and/or after the reverb. Or a delay before the reverb. I often place a "declick" plugin in the reverb bus and set it to be quite aggressive. If I did that the way you're set up, it would have an impact on the track, but by placing it on a bus, the direct sound is untouched, but I keep clicks and any other noises from pinging the reverb and making them stand out even worse.

I'm sure there are lots of tutorials on using multi-track and sends in audition, I'd poke around. I haven't uses Audition for mixing in ages, so I'm not up on exactly how to do it, but it looks pretty straightforward with a quick look.

BTW, I notice that Audition has a convolution reverb built-in, that can load impulses from any of the free libraries.
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