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Originally Posted by Joseph Hanna View Post
Right off the bat I can tell you that's an extraordinarily good reverb. Theres's movement on the tails so my guess is some kind of Lexicon. PCM 81, PCM 91 or even a 480L. Just a guess though. It's very, very difficult to get that kind of feeling with most (if not all) plug-in reverbs.

The second thing is they've rolled off all the low-end response of the verb and boosted the high's. I've always had good luck getting reverbs to sit using eq especially with solo instruments. As a discussion several months backs I've had more luck with creating that kind of depth with a plug-in called Echo Boy.

Finally that's not what I would consider a hint of reverb There appears to be a good deal of pre-delay and I'm guessing' upwards 3 seconds of delay.
I want to figure out how to "roll off" the reverb from the bass and mids. Some plug ons have more controls than others which makes it a bit frustrating.


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