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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
Why do you use headphones while recording? I use them if I'm recording to a click, or overdubbing. For solo guitar, all they do is make it hard to hear myself and what my tone really is. I don't even find them very useful for mic placement, things just sound too different in phones vs speakers. So I do mic setup by a combination of meters (for balance and phase) and repeated listening to short sample tracks. Then for the real recording, I don't listen to anything while I'm recording. I have had the issue with microphonic headphones cables in the past, but the solution is easy, just skip the headphones.
Good question, I forgot why I got into the habit of recording while wearing them. Maybe I did it at first to see what level I can raise the recording gain to before I heard "the room." I just got into the habit of wearing them. Good point Doug.

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