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Default When something goes wrong with offerup....

I mentioned on a different thread about using offerup. I had purchased a few violins from out of state and it went well. The good experience and a good price on a Fender modern player telecaster got me to use my credit card again. A problem occured during the shipping. After it left california the guitar disappeared. No more tracking info after leaving the state.

Almost a week after the expected delivery day passed, I started looking up information on making a claim. The seller was very helpful and was looking into it on his end and I started researching on my end. When I read up on my options on offerup, they mentioned starting the process by having the post office look for it with a search option by the seller. I don't know if that did it or if it was coincidence but it showed up on tracking when he did the search. It was at a post office facility near me.

The person working at the post office stated that it was probably because of the backup when the post office wasn't working due to the polar conditions that hit us a few weeks back that the package was delayed. I got the guitar six days after the expected delivery date. When I opened the packaging, I was disappointed to find that the pickup near the bridge had come loose and was flopping around. Keep in mind I have zero knowledge about electric guitars. It seemed like an inexpensive simple fix, but I honestly didn't know.

I had the option to send it back to the seller but I didn't want to do that. I was thinking the repair would be cheap, the seller was a nice guy, and I was worried about more damage to the guitar on it's trip back. The seller said it was probably a simple inexpensive repair and he would take care of it if insurance didn't. He mentioned insurance with the post office. I started the claim with offerup thinking about all the horror stories I've read on the forum. I assumed that the post office wouldn't do anything.

When I sent the claim to offerup, the first email I got back said the seller mentioned the issue on the listing. Keep in mind the listing said it was in perfect condition. At this point I was thinking that offerup was going to do me and the seller wrong. I replied that the issue being listed was a blatant lie. Next day I got an email from a different person saying that the claim was approved. Because of the first email, I asked about what happens to the seller and what I have to do next.

The seller was a nice guy and I didn't want him to be holding the short end of the stick. They replied that the seller would be paid and I would have to do nothing. I contacted the seller and found out that he was paid and a few days later, I got a refund on my credit card. All I wanted was for them to pay for the repair, instead, I ended up with a guitar for the price of an inexpensive repair.

I have no idea what the first e-mail denying the claim was about. I don't know if the person was looking at a wrong listing. Offerup has only been shipping for a few months, so it might be the person working wasn't trained well. I don't know if the delay of six days by the post office had any bearing on the claim being approved. Offerup more than took care of the claim at the end. Just thought people might want to know about the experience if they were considering using offerup.

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