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Originally Posted by jonfields45 View Post
Fender bought Kaman and decided they did not need the brand. Jeff Genzler has started a new company with similar products not surprisingly branded Genzler.
Very interesting :>)
One of my fellow AC guit players has a Shenandoah. To my mind it's up there as a pretty darn good one. Def a step up from a bunch of them that seem to be 'stick a piezio over a cone driver and call it good.
My ref came from a time comparing AC guitar through studio monitors, some decent relatively neutral pa speakers I have, to see 'what is it' -or not :>) about?
As a result landing on the (earlier ver) three way Fishman Performer.

It suspect the Shenandoah's dual 6" main drivers is part of it's 'edge.

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