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Originally Posted by reeve21 View Post
Bob Womack's thread about a disappointing concert got me thinking about how that has really been the exception in my listening career. But it seems like many of us have had some bad experiences at shows.

For the other side of the coin, I can think of several acts that go the extra mile for their fans, new and old alike.

I saw Tommy Emmanuel for the first time last month. He brought the support act back out at the end of his set for several tunes, including the closer. He then proceeded to thank almost everyone in the place, including the sound guy and the lighting guy-- by their first and last names.

Bruce Springsteen continues to play highly athletic 3 plus hour shows as he closes in on age 70. He plays Born to Run every night, end of the set, house lights up. I really don't need that song after 40 plus years, but he does it for those who may be at their first and/or only show. I do wish tickets to his solo show on Broadway were available and affordable, but I hear it will be on Netflix soon.

And at the Opry they always ask about and give a big cheer for the first time fans

Which artists have really impressed you with their professionalism (apart from their great musicianship, which is a given) ?

We are similar llamas with different mamas! I’ve seen the Boss twice and he just pours his soul into making sure everyone has a great time. I’ve been to three TE concerts as well as two of his camps and he is also just a prince of a human being. Another recent surprise for me was Jason Isbell. Great show, just a true gentleman on the stage. I’ve never seen him live but Mark Knopfler is another that I think gives a sincere and heartfelt performance every time he is on stage.

Great thread, fun to follow.

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