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Originally Posted by offeringplate View Post
I might just have to take the 8.5 hours drive south to join this event. Sounds amazing!

Ill be in touch

Sounds great, just send me an email or PM and we will get you set up!!!

Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
That sounds like a great time. I wish I could be there
I wish so too, next time!!!

Originally Posted by coopman View Post
Dang Tom - why did you wait until moving to TX before doing this!?? I suppose we have Woodstock, but this sounds even better :-)

My parents lived in New Braunfels in their later years ... it's a beautiful area, especially at that time of year! Hope there will be lots of pictures and perhaps some videos so we can get a small virtual taste anyway ...

Well, that is perfect, you know the area. Come on down, flights are easy into San Antonio or Austin, I do it all the time. I leave from Albany and am there by 11:15 AM! Take the Collings tour, get yourself a B&B in New Braunfels, grab lunch at the Gristmill in Greune, take in some free music at the historic Greune music hall and then a weekend surrounded by guitar freaks such as yourself and make it a destination!!!! We have lots of people coming from the East coast to far, join the club!!!!
PS. I love guitars!