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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
All the thrills of a big guitar show without having to deal with the big crowds! And held in Tom's home, not an impersonal hall in some giant hotel...

Time to start doing even more of my originals at my senior and Healthcare gigs. Best to be up to speed!!! I am stoked to be playing for this way cool extravaganza ! And very happy Cindy can come and sing with me, which does add to the fun factor considerably.

And I will be bringing one of my WAY Custom John Kinnaird guitars. Which I will gladly show and tell with any interested folks. (Like Andy)

Thank You Tom AND KATHY! for putting this together!

I so look forward to Finally meeting so many AGF folks...


Thanks Paul, I know we got rave reviews from our talent scouts when scouring the California coast for talent. You and Cindy came very highly recommended and the producers were very pleased to sign you to the bill!!!!

I know you will do that J. Kinnaird proud. He was going to be there, but had a conflict that he had forgotten about. I am sure you will represent well. If we do this again next year, he wants in!
PS. I love guitars!