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Originally Posted by troggg View Post
I can't quite put my finger on why that's likeable ... but it is. It's a little different. But it lures me in.

I would imagine most forum members don't know that PUTW is located in La Veta, Colorado, one of the state's great undiscovered small towns. It's undiscovered cause it's 4 miles off the main road. There's a fantastic open mic at a farm-to-table restaurant called the Cowgirl Cantina. La Vetians are just really nice people and there are a bunch of natural wonders (trippy lava flows) all over the area. Pickup some legal you-know-what and have a great time and play for some real nice folks in a scenic paradise! Oh, and maybe get a pickup consultation while you're there, too -- don't know how friendly the company is, but I'd imagine very.
I'd be up for a trip down there- but why does their website show them in Corte Maderia, CA?
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