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Hi Bone Digger, I sympathise.

I own three archtops primarily to learn western swing style, and yes I was influenced by Ranger Doug and even have his DVD on playing style although I didn't find it very helpful. .... and thus far, I've failed.

However, I believe it is effectively comping.

With the chording following the running bass lines, using the I, III, and V (bass) notes up and down the fret board of the chords in the progression as a bass player might do but adding in in inversions from them.. . which, of course, means scampering up and down a fair bit.

Knowing where the inversions and substitutions are (kinda like "CAGED") helps a whole lot.

Here is the great Whit Smith working really hard to explain all this far meter than I can ('cos I'm still strugglng with it)

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