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Originally Posted by BoneDigger View Post
Any thoughts on the Roland JC22?
Nice amps and reasonably priced. The JC22 is very lightweight and easy to get to the gig. Not a super loud amp like the JC120 or JC90 but still a nice, clean sounding amp; great for small combos.

JC's have a brighter tone compared to classic solid state jazz guitar amps like the Polytone or more modern Henriksen amps. You can certainly get a "jazz tone" but I think it lends itself to a broader range of styles.

JC's typically had a low level hiss (loudest in the 120). Certainly not noticeable when you're playing but in between tunes, very noticeable. With the JC22, the hiss is gone.

As for other solid state "jazz" amps, I'm a huge fan of Acoustic Image. I pair my Clarus 2R with a Raezer's Edge Twin 8 (2 x Eminence Alpha 8a drivers). The speakers are wired in parallel so you get 400 watts of clean power.

I also have Polytones (Megabrute and Minibrute II), Henriksen (Bud), Roland JC22 and a Quilter (101R). All capable of producing a "jazz" tone to varying degrees, in my opinion.

Btw, your Fender PRRI is a wonderful amp, very capable of producing clean, warm jazz tones. Not as much clean headroom as a nice solid state amp, but still no slouch.
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