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Originally Posted by Steve Christens View Post
If a guitar is uncomfortable to hold, or hard to play, you simply won't play it as much - in which case it doesn't much matter how it sounds if it spends all its time on the wall. For professionals I can well imagine that tone is more important, but I play for fun, and trying to get my arm around a dread (for example) is just not fun.
Same here! This is going to sound odd, even blasphemous, but I can't imagine buying a guitar because of the tone! I've never heard a guitar I didn't like (don't test that). They all just sound... different. The most important thing for me is getting a guitar that feels right (on lap and in hands) so that I can bring out the unique voice of the guitar by playing it well.

As a concession, if I were producing a record or a touring musician or something and I needed a certain tone I could imagine buying a guitar for that purpose... but if it doesn't play well it's going to sound bad anyways! I guess that's the difference between an amateur and a professional, eh?

Sorry about the thread hijack. I think CA and Emerald have cheaper models that might fit your bill, but Rainsong and Blackbird have really nice guitars for just a little more.
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