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For all of those who keep talking down the U87ai I will have to be the opposing viewpoint. I've put it up in blind shootouts and it more than not it rises to the top of the pile, and I own some pretty good microphones. I love the way it sounds with my Gibson guitars when I'm looking for a vintage rock tone. I have quite a few Neumann microphones, and a few of them, people tried to talk me out of buying, like the M147, TLM103, and KM184. And funny enough, I love all three of these microphones. And I can't say enough good about my U89, it's another microphone that just gets the job done. One thing though, when I buy a microphone I use the holy hell out until I find some magic combinations, like, mic/instrument, mic/preamp, etc. I would recommend the OP doing the same with each mic he buys and really learn the capability of each mic!

But I think this thread is actually pretty interesting. You got an OP who is a novice to recording who is looking at purchasing some REALLY expensive microphones without a clue on what he is going to do with them as he has no practical experience using anything he's looking at buying.

Can't wait to see how this develops.

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