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I'd say that the C7 model and up are definite steps up from your C40.

Going with the C3 or C5 is probably a side step from the C40.

Then comes your personal preference in sound that you want from your guitar.

The Fusion and GK series are great guitars, but they don't have the "true classical style" sound. They might have a bit of Flamenco sound to them.

I loved my GK Studio and only sold it to purchase a GK Pro Negra with all solid wood. It's capable of sounding great in a number of genres outside of classical. BUT, I also play quite a few classical pieces on it that sound nice.

The Fusions are nice guitars too & have a lot of fans. But I didn't like the narrower 1.75" width at the nut necks with nylon strings.

If you are looking for the true classical sound, then the C7 or C9 are great choices. FWIW... There only difference between the C9 & the C10 is the materials used on the sides and backs.

Hope this helps


Originally Posted by Yanto View Post
Hi all. I'm just starting to learn classical style guitar playing. I've got a cheap Yamaha C40 right now but would like to buy a better instrument. A shop about 15 miles away stocks Cordoba. They have C3, C5, C7, C9, Fusion 12 Series and GK Ltd Edition in stock. Hoping to get there this coming Saturday to try some.
Are Cordoba models of this level a reasonable step up in playability from my Yamaha? All advice gratefully accepted. Many thanks. Ian
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