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I agree with what's been written so far about neck angles, but want to mention that resonator guitars are like banjos in that if you don't like the neck angle you have, and know a repair tech skilled enough to do the work, it's generally not too difficult to shim the neck to get the neck angle you need.

The woodbodied National resonator mandolin I'm currently performing with the most is a modern prototype based on the vintage pre-WWII one I was given and had restored. National ultimately chose to go with a different design with what became the RM-1 mandolin, but before that Don Young had made the parts for one based on the original design.

But he never completed it or finished putting it together. Years later I managed to talk National into letting me purchase the parts for it. My local repairman here in Alaska put the mandolin together for me.

Part of that entailed him creating a different neck angle for it. He accomplished that by gluing a wooden shim in place.

So it's feasible to do if you so choose and know an experienced repair tech with the necessary skill set.

Wade Hampton Miller
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