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This reminds me of a recent donor dealing. I got a call from an EMT a couple days after Christmas 2018. My 78 year old father had been in a minor auto accident (car was seen drifting into a fire hydrant and the air bags weren't even deployed so it was a low speed impact) and my father was unresponsive at the scene. The EMTs administered CPR and regained a pulse. After a long day in the ER, I was able to see him but he was still unresponsive. The whole staff was very compassionate and honest and made me aware that most likely, my Dad would not "wake" from this. After a few days and several tests and attempts to find something positive I was told that I would be asked to discontinue life support soon. Again, they were as compassionate and kind as could be while also being pointedly honest. After consulting with my sister that lived several hours away, I made the call on new years day, 2019 that I never realized would be so difficult. It still bothers me to this day. Not even an hour after this transpired I received a call from the Indiana Donor Network about possible donor options. I was a little offended at first and I even thought this was some twisted and cruel scam of some sorts but with my wife's help we were able to verify that indeed, this was a legitimate and well respected organization.

My Dad was not a donor, at least not in the sense that he had authorization on his license but he knew that I was and we had talked several times about how it can be a good thing and he agreed that helping someone in need with our "parts" after we pass is a positive thing. I was most apprehensive about it because my father was so old. I even asked administrator that called me how much good a 78 year old man could be and she explained to me how there are many things like bone marrow and such that can be very helpful. So again, after a conversation with my sister we agreed to it. They handled everything from there on out and even transported my father to the crematorium of our choice.

I still get literature and cards of thanks from the Donor Network, they sent us a nice medal to honor my father as well and posted his name along with others that had donated that year at various hospitals.

I apologize for such a long post but I really have not talked about this with anyone so I guess I had a story to share and to bring all this to relevance, I do slightly understand how difficult that had to be for you Nymuso.
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