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I'm a donor. I can only imagine, and not really, how you must be feeling. I think the closest thing most of us non-docs ever get to that is if you have to make a decision to end the life of a pet. I've only had to do that once, with out little dog almost four years ago. And it destroyed me.

When my folks died, they made the key decisions when they were still able to. I just had to help express their wishes to the medical folks, but the hard decisions weren't on me and my folks were basically sentient and fairly lucid right up to the last day or so. But having to decide to have our dog put down, a decision she had absolutely no role in, no input in, didn't have any idea about - THAT just ripped me to shreds. My wife too. It was clearly the right decision - she was more than ready. Her life had become almost nothing but pain and anxiety. But it was horrible.

I'm sure that's not even close to taking a similar action for a human being. I can't imagine. Ultimately, you know you did the right thing. But I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier...

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