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Originally Posted by seangil View Post
Thanks for the responses so far. I've got a single cone Mule. I am not sure what gauge strings, but they are a lot heavier than the D'addario EJ11 that I usually play.

I see some strings market themselves as "resonator strings" and they do seem to have a different gauge mix than typical acoustic. I was pointed towards specifically GHS Tim Scheerhorn strings (0.17 - 0.56).

Do I need strings that market themselves specifically as "resonator" strings? I assume that the material is not fundamentally different, but wondering about the mix of gauges.
A .19 - .56 probably is a Dobro Resonator set, designed for a squareneck rather than a roundneck. I use John Pearse round neck reso strings a lot: 013,017, 026w, 036w, 046w, 056w. (and usually up the .13 to a .014 or .015.). Sheerhorn is a Dobro player of note, and the signature set is .017, .019, .028, .036, .046, .056. Dobro sets are also gauged for tuning to what is termed "High-bass G," GBDGBD, while round neck players are more likely to use "low bass G" DGDGBD, or Open D: DADF#AD. Particularly if you want to also use a bottleneck as well as finger frets. I still use mine in Standard tuning too; often with a standard light set (and a .014 high E). My Rayco still sounds great. Apparently others mileage may vary.

And yes, I have a box of unused high E strings...

It is always good to specify "Roundneck" or "Squareneck."
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