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Ah, you guys crack me up... it isn't like I'm not playing at all (double negative), I just started slacking on my daily playing. All that walking, exercising, bicycle riding, scooter riding, petting Rufus, and chasing the Blonde around has cut into my free time. It's a good thing I don't have a job anymore.

Two things that must be said: Evan, I am sorry to hear about your logging accident and fractured hip. I hope you heal fast and full.

Silly Moustache, my wife has put up with a lot of my guitar yearnings over the decades... she would leave me in a heartbeat if I took up the banjo. Even love has limits.

OK, three things: that "logging on" comment about fracturing the bank account was funny.

No wait - four things: Earl, my friend, I still like to play Stairway once in a while. Sometimes I do a jazz version of it. I wonder how that might sound on the banjo?

The Blonde has already made it clear that she wants more music once we are settled in at home. I'm looking forward to some guitar variety. Y'all remember when I've said something about "If this were my only guitar, I'd still be happy..." Yeah, that must have been one of the other voices in my head talking.

Thanks, folks. This place is great!
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