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Originally Posted by Halcyon/Tinker View Post
All four of those guitars were great!
Thanks much for that kind report. Like Ryan said, it was nice chatting, putting a friendly face to a name. I'm in awe of your output. Don't know how you do that...

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
La Conner looks beautiful. And your guitars do too!!!
May you all have a blast and may these beauties all find loving new homes...
That Myrtle is spectacular for sure!


Cheers to you too, Paul, and thanks. No one adopted our "beauties", but they had the work out of their young lives. Much playing, a few feverish strums from an 80's fan, yet nary a scratch we can find. Thanks for the kind word on the Myrtle.

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Looks like a nice spot for the booth. On the end of a row with a little more room possibly...
We did have a good location, and we enjoyed--as Bruce shared--easy access to the Blue Room, but also an external stair well where guitars could be tried in relative quiet. Plus room for cases, brochures, tee shirts....It's amazing how much detritus begins to accumulate at these shows.


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