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Originally Posted by Tom2 View Post
If the NP12 had a 48mm nut, I would never have joined this forum. I'd just be minding my own business, playing my NP12 every day.

The 12 fret position and the shorter scale both contribute to comfort, with the 12 fret position making the greater contribution.

I like my acoustic guitars to play like electrics, which means low action. This requires relatively high string tension to avoid fret buzz. My current crossover has a 645mm scale length, and I don't feel a need to go longer. For me, 650mm is not necessary. I am able to play with 2-3mm action at the 12th fret without issue. I would actually feel comfortable going down to 640mm, which is 25.2".

Decreasing further, to 632mm (Rainsong), begins to push the limits, and may require higher string action. It's all a balancing act, and for me, 0.2mm lower action is more important than 8mm shorter scale, especially if the guitar is already a 12 fret.
My crossover is 636mm. I tried a C10 Crossover this weekend and put the same strings on as those that are on my current crossover to compare. The C10 has a 650mm scale and I was surprised by the difference in feel for just 14mm. And I mean the feel of the strings, a real difference in tension and ease of bends.

I sent it back in the end as it is spruce and I think I prefer cedar.

Anyway, 640mm might be the better scale for a compromise between length and comfort. I have ordered a C9 cedar crossover to see what I think. But if I play any blues or anything with bending, it'd be on the 636mm scale. Who knows, maybe I'll have to think about this 650mm scale thing, maybe I'll end up sending this one back too. We'll have to see.

636mm scale is incredibly comfortable with the current Thomastik Infeld PJ116 strings on it, easy bends, easy barres, no loss in power - it projects well.

I've just had a quick search, and there's pretty much no factory 640 crossovers out there. Mine is probably the only one I can find shorter than 650, and it is made in Spain, so not sure how popular that will be overseas. The Carbon fibre world would be good to offer a 640 crossover, but I suppose most companies will have their default moulds at 650mm. So unless there is a sudden rise in popularity in crossovers, it'll all be for extra costs.

Emerald have emailed me saying that the price of the crossovers can be reduced significantly when removing things like the head stock, bridge and finishes. But it's still too much for me at the moment. As said, I would want a 640 scale, 12 fret, and these would be add-on features too. Maybe in the future when I stop spending so much money on experimenting with strings (I promise that I am now very happy with these "rope core" strings on my crossover, really).
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