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Default The rosette is underway ...

Once again, the guys are exercising their DIY thinking caps. The Turquoise dots came in a bit oversize and not wanting to wait for a smaller dots to arrive Steve put together a technique to shave the larger dots down.

This is called, make a mini lathe out of your drill press. First step: glue your dot to a dowel that can be chucked into the drill press.

Step two: Carefully sand down the spinning dot to size. They also used a fine toothed rasp for the cutting.

Step three: Release your appropriately sized dot from the dowel.

Then there are, what we are calling, the squiggle wood pieces to be cut.

Here's the roughly laid out rosette. Some of the dots appear lighter due to the flash but they are all blue except the white dots at the cardinal points. Also, the wood pieces are close, but final adjustments will be made right before they are inlaid.

Then the inlay process begins.

Now the surprise of the day ... we come to the place where Steve and Ryan feel instead of all the rest of the "stuff" is just that. They got to this point and were astounded at its simple beauty. Maybe Howard would call it wabi-sabi, but the Texans thought it was a perfect completion.

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