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Originally Posted by alohachris View Post
Aloha Anders,

A very nice, unique looking parlor guitar with beautiful wood choices. I've used Masur Birch for appointments (overleaf, rosette, pick guard, butt plate) but never for a fingerboard. How does its hold up?

Question: Will you finish the Masur Birch fretboard or leave it natural?

The reason I ask is that, if left unfinished, the Birch will definitely discolor & turn black w/ regular use, especially in the first seven frets, as with worn-through maple fretboards on an electric guitar.

Will you finish the Birch to deal with that appearance & wear issue?

Good Luck, Anders!


Hi alohachris!

Thanks for nice comments!

I will indeed finish the fretboard but not with any lacquer. I have come across this superior 'oil ' that after hardening makes it much like glassfiber in strength. It also penetrates very deep in to the wood because of low viscosity. This stuff is used on floors people walk on airports. And its totally natural. Just pure stuff.

We have put it on maple and then done fretwork over it. The surface was all black from the metal, just wipe it with naphtha and its clean!

All the best

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