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Default Mark Gaiero OMC German/Granadillo: Fine Luthiers

Hi, Folks

We've got a beautiful Mark Gaiero OMC for sharing with you.
Mark really nailed this one.


Model: OMC (Florentine Cutaway)
Top Wood: German Spruce
Back / Sides: Granadillo (Platymiscium yucatanum)
Fretboard: Katalox (Super Dark)
Bridge: Katalox (Super Dark)
Neck: Flamed Cherry
Rosette: New Design
Binding: Black Rocklite
Tuners: Gotoh 510 minis
Scale Length: 25.25
Nut Width: 1 3/4
Saddle Spacing: 2 1/4
Finish: Nitro
Case: Visesnut Active Series
Fret Wire: Evo Gold

We highly recommend Mark's work for any playing style. A top-notch design is a plus~



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