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I never took part in the road trips - that was before my time on guitar forums. Sounds like fun. Once I learned about MacNichols in SLC it was my goal to get there. Then some major health issues prevented that for about a year. Once I was at the point where a six hour road trip was again feasible, Michael had closed his retail store and went all on-line before I could visit.

In the end, we've done fine carbon-wise. We had already owned a Rainsong WS-1000 for years. We had to mostly purchase the others blind, without test driving first. However, our visit with Kramster last February let us play a wide variety of everything. That proved expensive - my wife fell for the classic X7 and ended up with a woody version, and I eventually went for the X30 after our October visit. If we can put together another gathering in March, we should now be safe.
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