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I waffled about it for a spell, but watching the David Starobin videos on youtube did it for me! The guy just looked sooooooo relaxed while he played.

I started with a cheap AllParts screw in at the tail block, then later put really nice ebony end pins in; one at the tail block, the other at the heel cap. Since I am a luthier, I could feasibly mask evidence of endpins with new heel cap and end wedge, but I don't see myself selling this guitar. I use a nice suede strap I had laying around from my electric days. Cool thing about that is the suede can actually be used to smooth out minor nicks in my nails that I sometimes get while playing.

If sitting, one can also just attach one end of the strap to the tail button, set the strap over the right thigh and then under the left leg, similar to what oboists do, and the combination of the strap and the right forearm keeps the guitar secure and the neck up.

Either way is much more comfortable to me than a footstool, and my confidence is much higher with the stability than any of the suction cup devices I've tried in the past.
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