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Originally Posted by Riverwolf View Post
So I could just file a tax return myself?
Absolutely. The first and second stimulus payments were prepayments on a tax credit being offered on the 2020 tax returns. So, there are places to document whether you received them on the return and if so, how much. For example, if you received neither and put two zeros in the proper places, you will receive both payments in the form of a tax credit. So, you will probably receive a refund. That is assuming you qualified for the payments and no other debts interfere with your refund.

The $1400 payments are still being processed.

BTW, SSI is Supplemental Security Income and goes only to people with a disability, blindness or an income below a designated amount. These benefits are given strictly based on need. I assume you are asking folks if they receive the usual retirement benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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