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Originally Posted by Mary
David is returning after several years of absence. He has become a great song writer. I anticipate hearing his tunes on major recordings. Maybe he will take McKnight Guitars to another fun level.
Why, thank you! I didn't seem to run anybody off the first night (got to play all but one of my songs), but the second night . . . well, technically most started leaving before I played, so maybe that doesn't count.

Seriously, though, it was the most attentive crowd I've played for. And I could tell that some of my songs were definitely enjoyed by at least a a few.

All of my songs are on the forum in the "Show and Tell" sub-forum, BTW, for those who want to listen. Most are YouTubes, thought the last couple are on SoundCloud.

Originally Posted by Tim
Special thanks to our three long distant visitors, Songwriterfan from TX, Sharky Dude (and Kimberly) from West Palm Beach, FL.
Technically, I came from a bit further away . . but it was close enough (within 10%, I think) that we can call it a tie.
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