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McJam 13.5 is now secured in the books with many new and happy memories. A special shout out to our mate ColdShot for being a core team McJammer from “Down Under”. His annual phone call is always looked forward to with great anticipation which brings smiles and adds to our fond memories.

We missed some regular attendees this year but realize that life happens and schedule conflicts become obstacles but we look forward to your soon return next year. We had a dozen or so first time visitors this year and each one of them blended in smoothly with the rest of the gang.

Special thanks to our three long distant visitors, Songwriterfan from TX, Sharky Dude (and Kimberly) from West Palm Beach, FL.

We were certainly blessed with awesome weather and cool breezes both days. We had a brief rain Thursday which cooled things off for the McJam so we couldn’t have asked for better.

I am sure Mary will post some pictures soon but we need to kick back for a couple days and recuperate. 14 years ago it took us 2 days to prepare for the McJam but now those 2 days somehow have turned into 2 weeks of prep work and power naps. I hope this isn’t a trend ?
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