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Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
Oh man, I'm back from vacation but will still have to miss it. Let me know who buys what, Mary.
I think I remember you have a special weekend at your place so happy birthday to you ...or was it hers?

One guitar was the instant apple of the eye of the beholder is now already sold and yet the games have not yet begun.

We have had more people sign up and I have had to turn people away for multiple reasons. Space is limited being the first factor.

I planned nothing but order out food, but then some people asked to bring their specialty food. One said he wished he had known since his dish was a favorite to all. I may not have to go to the local town (10 miles either way) to grab instant food. Rodger and Tim tell me I worry way to much about feeding people. I know the fish and bread feed the throng, but I worry if the brisket and chicken sandwiches will. How dare I?

Rodger has said his daughter will be his partner this year. Kathy has so much on her plate at home. She's been the queen to assist with so much for several years. I will miss having her to near to sneak off to just sit and talk.

Bruce and Nancy (along with Rodger) have never missed a McJam since day 1. Those three hold me together. Without Nancy there might not be door prizes. She and I tend to giggle at times. I tend to giggle at some of the things I put out. I am thankful McJammers are OK

We can get pictures then I can ask Dennis to share them since he seems to be a mastermind on this subject. I am pleased to say one AGFer has offered to try to educate me to displaying pictures. He might want to thump me on the forehead before it's over.

Also, Dennis can tell you more about sights and sounds of the guitars he hears this weekend.

David is returning after several years of absence. He has become a great song writer. I anticipate hearing his tunes on major recordings. Maybe he will take McKnight Guitars to another fun level.

Oh - The Lone Cone now has a floor model AC. It might not be the best, but it was gifted and we accepted. Now for the full double doors being open it might not feel cool. We will see how today goes.

For now, my morning reading, coffee and apple await me. I began getting texts at 7:00 am so I need to push myself to be alert. Text me any time, Neil. I'll be able to send you pictures throughout the day.
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