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Default Donít like Rainsong guitar?

So I have always wanted to try a rainsong guitar as I travel a lot and busk in all sorts of temperatures and I have a chance to buy a used rainsong for a very very good value but to my disappointment I did not like the way it felt hereís why....

The action was to high (I do like low action) even though the neck is dead straight (has a trussrod) and the saddle looked like it couldnít be sanded down to much so I donít know how easy it would be to adjust

The 12 gauge strings on it felt much heavier like 13s maybe even 14s. Donít know why this is it might have something to do with how thin the neck is

Plays fine at the top of the fretboard but the more you go down the fretboard the harder it is to play

I wish I liked this guitar for the amazing price it is and for itís practicality

It is a red and black A WH-0000 with a cut away and a prefix guitar pick up and has a truss rod
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