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Originally Posted by LeightonBankes View Post
people were doing bolt-on necks long before Taylor started making them on cnc machines. The NT neck is sweet, but I wouldn't call it a real innovation (the interchangeable shims are nice though)
I think they pretty much perfected the bolt on joint though. Given Martin's history of fingerboard humps and ramping bridges I really like the idea of having a removable neck that bolts along two axes: namely into the neck block along the lengthwise axis and "downward" from the underside of the fretboard extension into an extension of the neck block.

I have a Norlin era Epiphone Texan FT-160N that is technically a bolt on but it's clearly not a good design for a steel string acoustic - least of which a 12 string. It's more of an adaptation of a solid body electric guitar design where the neck fits into a "pocket" in the top of the guitar and there is no heel to speak of.
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